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Friday July 25, 2014

Contributors: Business - Heart at Work

  • Thursday Aug 29, 2013 | 7:07 pm

    Recalibrating your value

    Demonstrating value is about telling the story of how you have influenced outcomes.  Relying on years of experience, listing responsibilities of past positions doesn’t convey value — they don’t establish your brand.  You have to articulate how that experience and how those responsibilities contributed to the organization’s goals, to its bottom line.   Recalibrating years of experience and increasing levels of responsibility to value begins by focusing on accomplishments.  Telling […]

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  • Tuesday Aug 27, 2013 | 5:23 pm

    Professional Branding Then & Now

    There’s been much discussion of late about the need to manage and enhance your professional brand in order to advance in your career.  While the professional brand focus can be confusing, it’s important to know that your professional brand is simply your professional reputation.   There has been a significant change in the way professional brands are managed in the last 10 or so years.  As recently as 2003, your brand was […]

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    Wednesday Aug 21, 2013 | 6:14 pm

    What do Mainers and Parisians have in common in August?

    They head to the beach! Whether it’s St. Tropez or Old Orchard, the long stretch of sand and lure of the sea draws throngs of vacationers to these popular tourist destinations. But, for those Parisians who are turned off by the 13-hour drive and the expensive lifestyle of the French Riviera, the City of Paris has created their version of a “staycation”. Paris-Plages has become a tradition in the City […]

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  • Friday Aug 16, 2013 | 1:31 pm

    Have you made it? What’s your view of success?

    Snazzy car, money in the bank, respected career, sense of purpose–whatever success is to you, it is likely to be influenced by your age and life stage. My clients, most of whom are over 40 and in what’s known as the "second half of life", attest to that. While their areas of expertise and professional fields vary greatly, their career goals are similar. Whether their career transition is self-initiated or […]

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